Uterine cancer pathology

Plasma Lipocalin Concentrations in Relation to Visceral Fat, Risk Factor for Endometrial Cancer

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Vol 34 No 1 Section: Articles Pages: Abstract Objective: The study aims to evaluate the presence of a correlation between visceral fat assessed by ultrasonography and the plasmatic level of lipocalin in patients diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Material uterine cancer pathology Method: The study is a case-control analysis including 2 groups of patients: group I — 44 patients diagnosed uterine cancer pathology endometrial cancer, group II — 44 patients without gynecological pathology or inflammatory disorders.

After the clinical examination and anthropometric measurements, these patients underwent ultrasonography US examination, in view of determining the visceral fat.

uterine cancer pathology

At the patients included in this study, we also determined the plasmatic levels for lipocalin. A correlation was also found between the intraperitoneal fat area evaluated by US and the plasmatic level of lipocalin. Conclusions: The measurement of the intraperitoneal fat by US uterine cancer pathology correlation with the plasmatic level of lipocalin can be a screening uterine cancer pathology for endometrial cancer in obese patients.

uterine cancer pathology