Colorectal cancer review article

Volume 5, Issue 1 (2018)

The progress of knowledge regarding risk factors and the identification of new diagnosis or therapy methods in colorectal cancer review article management of patients with colorectal cancer have led to a series of approach changes which create new perspectives not only for those affected by the disease, but also for their families. Risk factors for CRC include: modifiable factors endogenous and exogenous factors and non-modifiable factors genetic factors. Author Biographies V.

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Adami H. Textbook of cancer epidemiology.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of colonoscopy as the screening test in asymptomatic first-degree relatives of CRC patients. Material and method: Colonoscopy was performed in asymptomatic individuals who had at least one first-degree relatives with CRC. Subjects included in the screening program were aged between 36 and 72 years, and majority came from two counties Suceava, Iaºi located in north-eastern Romania. Results: Thirty colorectal lesions were found in 17 individuals: two 6.

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Volume 5, Issue 1 (2018)

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colorectal cancer review article

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Bleeding from the stapled line is a rare but potentially lethal complication that requires a proper and immediate management. Treatment for stapled anastomotic hemorrhage may be operative or conservative.