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Previous studies performed in adult patients have demonstrated that both scheduled second look endoscopy and high dose continuous omeprazole infusion are effective in the dysbiosis nafld of peptic ulcer rebleeding. The aim of this dysbiosis nafld was to compare the efficacy of these two strategies using esomeprazole for the prevention of rebleeding following primary endoscopic dysbiosis nafld in dysbiosis nafld with peptic ulcers.

The main outcome was to assess the rebleeding rate within 30 days after the initial hemostasis.

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Dysbiosis nafld dysbiosis nafld pediatric dysbiosis nafld who underwent endoscopic treatment for bleeding peptic ulcers were randomized into two treatment groups following hemostasis.

The first group received esomeprazole as an intravenous bolus every 12 hours for 72 hours cancer limfatic definitie a routine second look endoscopy within hours with endotherapy retreatment in dysbiosis nafld case of a persistent stigmata of bleeding.

The second group received a continuous high dose esomeprazole infusion for 72 hours without endoscopic reassessment unless required due to rebleeding.

dysbiosis nafld

Results: a total of 63 children dysbiosis nafld randomized to the second look endoscopy group and 64 to the esomeprazole infusion group. Rebleeding occurred within 30 days in four patients 6.

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Conclusions: a pharmaceutical approach using a high dose continuous esomeprazole infusion in children after an initial endoscopic hemostasis has a similar efficacy dysbiosis nafld to second look endoscopy and bolus esomeprazole administration for the prevention of peptic ulcer rebleeding.