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Unele verbe nu pot fi folosite la timpurile continue. Momentul dat poate fi exprimat şi de o expresie de timp la trecutul simplu: When Tom arrived, the sun was shining.

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  • Best Animale images in | Art, Illustration art, Cat art
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Sam was in the middle of breakfast when the bell started to ring. Sam ran to the door as soon as the door bell rang. Ce simptome are cancerul la gat Puneţi verbele din paranteză la trecutul simplu sau continuu: 1.

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He go to school by bicycle last year. My friends watch television when I phoned them. They invite me to see the film when I phoned them. Bob write the letter in ten minutes.

Father read the newspaper when I came home.

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While he write the letter, his sister laid the table. She ask me about my holidays when we met. I read a travel brochure when we met.

tiny warts on hands pictures

We see a very good film yesterday. The sun shine when we arrived. He drive all the way to London.

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I saw Mary just as she get into the classroom. They spend a beautiful holiday at the seaside last year. She run to the door the moment she heard the bell.

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When she reached the door, the bell ring still. They fly to 15 Constantza last night. Michael missed the flight. The plane take off when he arrived at the airport.

tiny warts on hands pictures

The house burn when we came out. Mary talk always about fashion and this annoyed her friends. The Grants live in Braşov when I met them.

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Fire at Grand Hotel last night. William Barnes see it as he walk past. He wake the porter and then phone the fire brigade. After that they wake the hotel guests who sleep in their rooms.

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Margaret Davidson who stay in a room on the first floor, get frightened and jump out of a window. Mary Stevens, from the same room, get badly burnt while she run down the stairs and be taken to hospital. Soon the fire brigade arrive. One fireman break his leg when he try to get into the building. Nobody else was hurt.

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Finally they put out the fire. George and Harry play tennis yesterday tiny warts on hands pictures it started to rain.

George went home, but Harry decide to go out in the car. He was driving along the street when he see Margaret, a friend from work.

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While Margaret look at a shop window, Harry called her name. Margaret get into the car and they talked for a long time.

Phrasal more attentive, less hot, the most attentive the least hot, more loyal less clever the most loyal the least clever, less attentive, tiny warts on hands pictures least attentive, less loyal, the least loyal, less bad the least bad Irregular worse - the worst - A few rules will makes the table above clearer: i. A limited number of widely used adjectives have kept the irregular forms they had in Anglo- Saxon. Examples: bad-worse-the worst, much-more-the most.

He looked up and see an old lady who cross the road. A big dog bark at her fiercely.

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As the policeman cross the road to chase the dog away, Harry and Margaret drive away in the car! What … you do yesterday afternoon when I phone you?

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What time … you phone me? Cheia exerciţiilor: 1. Tiny warts on hands pictures taking off Participiul trecut al verbelor neregulate variază şi trebuie memorat.