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For over 50 years the casuistic of patients with thyroid cancer registered in the Nuclear Medicine Department of the National Institute of Endocrinology in Bucharest, Romania, has over 12 cases. In the last 6 years, a total of new cases have been added. They are organized in a ‘classic file’ format. As a necessity and the first step in order to build a digital national database, we developed the BIOMAT-ENDO software as a Windows Forms application that stores all the main data regarding the patient hospitalized in the department, starting with the first hospitalization, continuing cancer endocrine system all the periods of radioiodine therapy and the follow up. The patient-monitoring MODULE contains: clinical parameters, surgery details, in vivo and in vitro investigations, therapy information.

The current Regulation however is outdated and no longer reflects the changing national social security systems nor the case law of the ECJ. In times of increased labour mobility, protecting social rights is of the utmost importance.

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Equally important is maintaining the continuity of social security when moving from one legislation to another. With this report, we seek to guarantee to all EU workers an effective social protection that does not discriminate against anyone.

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We also want to bring more clarity to cancer endocrine system rules applicable to posted and self-employed workers, as well as to people engaged in multiple activities abroad. However, this must not come at the expense of the fight against crime and abuse. The Single Market cannot mean a race to the bottom.

These new rules will mean that companies involved in fraudulent or abusive practices circumventing national or Union law on, for example, employee rights, taxation or cancer endocrine system security will not receive the necessary certification to cancer endocrine system a cross-border operation.

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On the other side, the law creates, for the first time, legal certainty for companies using their right for freedom of establishment. But we ensured that the good practices of well-functioning national covered bond systems are still in place cancer endocrine system well as enhanced transparency and investor protection.

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EDCs are present in food, food contact materials, cosmetics, consumer goods including furnishings, cleaning productstoys, as well as drinking water — sectors where the lack of efficient consideration of EDCs at EU level is more pronounced.

We need a concrete action plan aiming for a horizontal identification and subsequent exclusion of endocrine disrupting chemicals from all aspects of our daily life in order to ensure a high level of protection for human health, especially among vulnerable groups, and the environment.

This regulation on online platforms will be another piece in the puzzle of a digital Europe that delivers for everyone.

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Online platforms have cancer endocrine system many cases multiplied the choice and lead to more attractive prices cancer endocrine system consumers.

Moreover, they often enable small business users to sell their goods and services easily all across Europe, bringing tangible benefits to our SMEs. Nonetheless, we are increasingly buying things from platforms such as Amazon, Booking.

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This regulation is a big step in the correct direction. It will start to apply directly in the Cancer endocrine system States already next year, so our businesses, and ultimately consumers, will start seeing the benefits of a fairer online economy very soon! Generic and biosimilar drugs can be produced and sold at cancer endocrine system fraction of the cost of their name brand equivalents, meaning improved access and lower costs for EU patents.

The export and stockpiling waiver as introduced by this Regulation will help ensure the sustainability of EU healthcare systems by lowering costs for national healthcare budgets and improving security of supply, reducing counterfeits and uncertainty due to reliance on imports.

In addition, the new programme aims to ensure investment continuity in EU space activities, encourage scientific and cancer endocrine system progress and support the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the European space industry, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises SMEsstart-ups and innovative businesses.

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Furthermore, the proposal would support EU action in huevos de oxiuros en orina performance computing, climate change or security. As encouraged in the Space Policy for Europe, a fully integrated Space Programme will exploit synergies between the components, increasing effectiveness and cost efficiency. A single and coherent framework will encourage future investments, increase visibility and offer more flexibility.

These new rules will allow for quicker and more efficient cancer endocrine system of information for law enforcement in order to tackle organised crime and terrorist financing.