Uterine cancer walk

Strângerea de fonduri s-a încheiat Despre This year, I registered for the Komen Race for the Cure because I want to make an impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today in support of my fundraising efforts. You can donate online with your credit card by clicking the button above my fundraising thermometer. Your support helps us get one step closer to a world without breast cancer. The remaining 25 percent uterine cancer walk groundbreaking breast cancer research. Together, we are fueling the best science, boldest community and biggest impact in the fight against uterine cancer walk cancer.

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And we will not stop until this disease is gone forever. Will you please join me in this fight by making a donation today?

uterine cancer walk

As I sit and enjoy my morning coffee, I am reflecting on part of my journey and wanted to share it with you! I have 2 aunts, my grandmother, and a cousin, all from my mother's uterine cancer walk that had breast cancer.

My mother had uterine cancer. One of my aunts had a mastectomy and the cancer can back in her spine. My Grandmother had a mastectomy and the cancer came back in her lung. Both eventually passed away. My other aunt passed from other issues, my Mom and cousin are alive and well.

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I have known all my life I would have breast cancer. I really wasn't too surprised when I was diagnosed in January It was suggested by uterine cancer walk beast surgeon that I have a lumpectomy and radiation. I prayed a lot, did my research and made MY decision on a double mastectomy.

The surgeon though this uterine cancer walk overkill but agreed to my wishes.

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By having the mastectomy I stood a greater chance of no radiation or chemo. I studied radiation physics for my job and wanted to avoid that.

Also, I didn't want to always worry that it might come back in other side. So, on Feb 19th, I had a double mastectomy. Pathology on the "good" breast showed it do be malignant as well, with a different type of cancer. What a glorious gift, I had made the right decision for me!

The breast surgeon was amazed and surprised, along with myself, my family and friends! Thanks be to God! No chemo or radiation required! I had 4 surgeries that year, only took 4 months off, and have been cancer free for 6 years now!

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I was inundated with love and support from family and friends. Y'all loved me back to health and have continued to support my fundraising efforts yearly. I could never uterine cancer walk in words my gratitude for your love and support, but please know it means everything to me!

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What this means is, we must continue our research to find additional genes that cause the horrible disease. If you know anyone who has lost this battle, or know any of my survivor sisters, please know I will continue to participate in their honor and never stop fighting for a cure! Love yall!

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Vezi mai mult Anul acesta, m-am înscris la Cursa Komen pentru Cure, pentru că vreau să am un impact în lupta împotriva cancerului de sân. Vă rog să uterine cancer walk gândiţi să faceți astăzi o donație deductibil de taxe pentru a-mi sprijini eforturile de strângere de fonduri. Poți dona online cu cardul tău de credit uterine cancer walk pe butonul de deasupra termometru meu de strângere de fonduri.

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Împreună, vom alimentat cea mai bună știință, cea mai curajoasă comunitate și cel mai mare impact în lupta împotriva cancerului de sân.

Și nu ne vom opri până când această boală nu va dispărea pentru totdeauna. Asta e promisiunea noastră. Vrei, te rog, să mi te alături în această luptă făcând o donație astăzi?

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În timp ce stau și îmi savurez cafeaua de dimineață, mă gândesc la o parte uterine cancer walk călătoria mea și am vrut să o împart cu tine! Am 2 matusi, bunica mea și un văr, toate din partea mamei mele care au avut uterine cancer walk la sân.

Mama mea a avut cancer uterin. Una dintre matusi que significa papiloma esofagico a avut o mastectomie și cancerul poate din nou în coloana vertebrală. Bunica mea a făcut o mastectomie și cancerul a revenit în plămâni. Ambele au murit în cele din urmă.

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Cealaltă mătușa a mea a trecut de la alte probleme, mama și verișoara mea sunt în viață și bine. Am știut toată viața că voi avea cancer la sân.

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