Cervical cancer kills

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Înscris: Mie nu-mi trebuie sa citesc fitzuici pe internet. Jumatate din familia mea sunt doctori.

cervical cancer kills

Am informatii first-hand de la ei. Nu exista doctori care sa spuna ca sexul anal e la fel de safe ca cel vaginal. Men become infected with anal HPV through receptive anal intercourse. Citeste aici: Some HPV types cause benign skin warts, or papillomas, for which the virus family is named.


HPVs associated with the development of common warts cervical cancer kills transmitted environmentally or by casual skin-to-skin contact. A separate group of about 30 HPVs are typically transmitted through sexual contact. Some sexually-transmitted HPVs, such as types 6 and 11, can cause genital warts.

However, most HPV types that infect the genitals tend not to cause noticeable symptoms.

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Persistent infection with a subset of about a dozen so-called "high-risk" sexually-transmitted Cervical cancer kills, including types 16 and 18, can lead to the development of cancer of the cervix.

HPV infection is a necessary factor in the development of nearly all cases of cervical cancer Walboomers Some cancer-causing HPV types particularly HPV are also believed to cause a substantial fraction of other genital cancers, as well as some cancers of the mouth, throat and anus Parkin Although condoms are highly effective for preventing the transmission of other sexually-transmitted diseases STDsrecent studies have concluded that condoms only offer some protection against the transmission of genital HPVs Holmes ; Winer This may be due to the fact that HPVs can infect cervical cancer kills skin areas that are not covered by condoms.

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Cervical Pap smear testing is used to detect HPV-induced cellular abnormalities. This allows targeted surgical removal of pre-cancerous lesions prior the development of invasive cervical cancer.

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Although the widespread use of Pap testing has reduced the incidence and lethality of cervical cancer in developed cervical cancer kills, the disease still kills several hundred thousand women per year worldwide. It is hoped that a recently-approved HPV vaccine that blocks initial infection with several of the most common sexually-transmitted HPV types will lead to further decreases in the incidence of HPV-induced cancer Lowy and Schiller Routine pap smears have decreased the incidence of cervical cancer from perwomen to approximately 8 perCa prin sexul anal creste probabilitatea de a face cervical cancer kills anal din cauza HPV?

Mai, du-te si intreaba pe cervical cancer kills, mai. Cat despre virusul HIV, se poate lua atat prin sex vaginal cat si prin sex anal, iar riscurile se pot reduce aproape complet prin folosirea unor metode de protectie.

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Ca sa nu mai vorbim de situl tau care nu citeaza nici cea mai mica sursa stiintifica si vorbeste doar de 1 one studiu. Quote Toate astea fac ca media de viata a unui homosexual sa fie de ani, spre deosebire de de ani pentru un heterosexual.

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Citeaza sursa daca vrei sa te ia cineva in considerare. Quote Nu sunt obsedat de homosexuali. Insa activismul vostru mi se pare extrem de mizerabil. Il voi combate prin toate mijloacele. Si eu voi avea grija ca oameni ignoranti ca tine sa nu intoxice lumea fara sa cervical cancer kills se dea replica.

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In plus eu nu sunt activist, poate tu esti. Tu ce vrei sa cervical cancer kills, ca exista perversi printre heterosexuali?

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Sigur ca da. Aici e vorba de perversiunea numita homosexualitate. Doi la mana, heterosexualii pot incerca sexul anal sau orice fel de alt sex, fara sa devina addicted.

cervical cancer kills

Oricum, fiindca viata pe planeta se datoreaza sexului heterosexual, heterosexualii n-au decat sa experimenteze ce vor, daca asta ar ajuta la mentinerea relatiei cervical cancer kills ei. Bottom line, nu-ti bagi tu nasul homosexual in sexul lor.

Relatia ta cu barbatii nu e necesara umanitatii.

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Quote Eu iti dadeam informatii stiintifice tu habar n-ai ce aia stiinta si argument dar mite sa dai argumente stiintifice. Quote Da. Asta nu tine? Edited by gtk, 09 August -