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One unprotected sexual contact can facilitate contracting of one or more sexually transmitted infections. Sexual transmission vaginal, oral, and anal of HPV is well known.

In the first years follow the onset of sexual life, hpv new research risk of HPV infection through unprotected sexual contacts is very high.

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The objective of this study was to establish the HPV genotypes prevalence in unprotected sexual contact transmission. The frequency of certain HPV genotypes acquired through unprotected sexual contacts worth evaluated, hpv new research in the case of latent asymptomatic infections, along with hormones hpv new research immune factors local.

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The paper presents some aspects regarding detection of molecular interactions based on systems withcontroled topography. The method is illustrated by antigene-antibody interaction type.

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The procedure can hpv new research used to develop viewing technics, through liquid crystals, for specific interactions antigene - antibody type. Thismethod has high sensibility and specificity, and represents a choice for viral agents identification current technics.

Keywords:antigene - antibody, SAM, liquid crystals, optical amplification, wart on eyelid nhs. Alexandru Constantinescu nr.

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The clinical research has two major components: the science and the medical ethics. The developments in the health sciences created concerns about the capacity of the traditional medical ethics to provide moral guidelines adapted to the new environment and determined the development of biomedical ethics.

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The goal of the bioethics is to create standards of conduct for institAbstract. The biomedical ethics principles are echoed and referred in the legislation regarding the clinical research. In order to obtain a consensus regarding the good practice in clinical trials to reach, an International Conference on Harmonisation ICH was called into being.

hpv new research

Based on these standards, the European Union issued directives for the Member States, including Romania relating to the implementation of the instructions for good clinical practice in the conduct of clinical trials in the national legislations.

Keywords: biomedical ethics, clinical trials, legislation.