Renal cancer and treatment

[Renal cancer :therapeutical dilemma].

Posted by: Medisprof March 26, pm The renal cancer is a malign infection of the kidney and is caused by a tumor lesion which appears in the organism as a nodule of few millimeters.

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The renal cancer is a urological infection with many polymorphic symptomatology. The symptomatology of the renal cancer appears just in the moment when the renal tumor reached few centimeters. Crina Seceac, specialist in oncology and Camelia Renal cancer and treatment, nutritionist.

renal cancer and treatment

Crina Seceac, specialist in oncology at Medisprof. What are the risk factors of the cancer apparition in the kidney? Renouncing to smoking reduces considerably this risk.

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The arterial hypertension. Certain genetic disorders such as the Von Hippel¬Lindau disease, Birt¬Hogg-Dube syndrome, tuberous sclerosis and family papillary renal cell carcinoma.

Definitive radiation treatment for kidney cancer and metastases

Long dialysis in treatment for renal insufficiency. Is an abdominal ultrasonography sufficient for the kidney cancer detection?

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The abdominal ultrasound can detect the morphologic modification in the kidney and can lead the medic to additional imagery investigations such as computer tomography and laboratory analysis, including urine exams, with the scope of establishing an exact diagnostic.

A prevention measure for the renal cancer.

renal cancer and treatment

Renal cancer and treatment to smoking, a weight reduction and a correct treatment of the arterial hypertension are few action which can be useful for the renal cancer prevention. A modality for preventing the apparition of the renal cancer is to maintain a normal renal cancer and treatment in relation with the age, and to make exercises through the days.

People with a normal weight should maintain this weight thanks to physical activities and a health alimentary style.

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In the case of an overweight or obese person, looking for reducing the calories quantity consumed every day and starting physical exercises within your everyday program, as part of a healthier lifestyle.