Cancer que me es

Keep her smiling!enough with cancer

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Denis Mă is organizing this fundraiser. Wasn t enough. Step by step we end up our savings, then friends and family help us to go forth as a normal family, we've struggled with bills and money for food, toys and all that she need not to feel that her illness is causing all of this.

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Happy time came back, somehow, when we al breath easily. MRI scans were showing no sign of tumor or cancer in bloods tests Sofia started her nursery, now she is in preschool being nearly 5 years old, her birthday is cancer que me es 20 the November.

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We all knew the compassion leaves are not being paid by most of the employers, and her mother needs to stay by her side again, leaving a big gap in families cancer que me es potential, also I need to mention that we all need to travel for her radiotherapy, bringing new warriors in our life, like cancer and the suffering wasn't enough, and the last thought that needs to be in our heads is having banks or other, knocking on our door asking for money That is why we kindly ask for your support which needs to come from your hearts and compassion, helping us to stay focused only on Sofia's needs until we can go back to our normal life.

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cancer que me es