Pancreatic cancer death

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Of course I have numerous memorabilia about my Grandfathers history.

pancreatic cancer death

I have attached some pictures of his early years. I do have the paper and would be happy to mail a copy to you. Victor was also the King of Romania's personal Physician as well.

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We did not find out until many years later, that he is also on a postage stamp. I do have an extra copy of a book written of his early years, and would be happy to forward a copy to you as well.

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Prior to her death, my mother provided much information to the people who wrote the book. There are numerous pictures as well, however it is written in Romanian.

The last 2 pages pancreatic cancer death the book are in English. I will forward a copy of his autobiography written by him.

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His uniforms of course are long gone. I do have several of his medals that I have displayed. His history is definately pancreatic cancer death interesting topic of discussion. I have shared your interest with my brother Mike as well.

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He would like to forward you some pictures as well. May I mail you the book to your address that you provided? Sincerely, You can view the photographs which Donna sent by clicking on the title above.

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