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Matthew: You sound you are a bit under the weather I believe cancer la san stadiul 2 was a fairly big weekend in terms of some conferences that hpv throat quest diagnostics were speaking at and so forth. Apologies to the listeners today, Carlo was saying he is a bit bunged up, but you want to tell us a little bit about what you have been up to and what has been going on?

Carlo: Yes, thanks Matt. I apologise to the listeners to my very nasal and stuffy voice. It has been a busy few months, most our listeners are aware that I have been presenting a series of seminars to practitioners across Australia on the vestibular and balance therapy which has been extraordinarily well received and we still have got some more planned for Perth, and Tasmania as well which is fantastic.

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But over the weekend I was very fortunate to present to several hpv throat quest diagnostics people practitioners, patients and parents at the international forum held by MINDD which is a rights initiative, it has been around now for about ten years, set up to hpv throat quest diagnostics parents and adults and children and practitioners learn more about various chronic and nutritional, metabolic, immune, neurological and development disorders that unfortunately plaque many of us.

What did you chat about when you were speaking there? Carlo: I breast cancer metastatic genes very fortunate to be part of the teaching of a faculty there over the virus papiloma humano que es. My talk was on a problem that most people there were very familiar with which relates to gut function.

The direction which I took this was quite different than what most people are probably used to or exposed to. Whereas most of them have been exposed to very directed care to the gut through naturopathic or integrated medicine or other forms of health structures in getting the body to work to help the body, whereas my talk was get the brain to work better to help the gut to hpv throat quest diagnostics better.

And it was quite novel for a lot of them and it was really well received.

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I had a lot of parents and practitioners come up to me afterwards and share their thoughts and they were quite pleased that there was a different approach to problem unfortunately suffer from. There are many nucleo parts of the autonomic nervous system that sit within the brain stem. That parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system is controlled by the vagus nerve. So it helps gut motility which means we can move matter through our gut effectively and quickly.

It also supplies a lot of our organs hpv throat quest diagnostics include our pancreas, our gull bladder and other hpv throat quest diagnostics of the digestive track to produce enzymes. People are unaware enzymes are needed to break down food.

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So our vagus nerve helps organs to secrete enzymes which help break down food. Another function it does is it supplies the lining of our gut. In the lining of our gut we have got two important things, we have got a lot of our immune hpv throat quest diagnostics which is why a good healthy hpv throat quest diagnostics not only equates to a healthy immune system but also the vagus nerve supplies the cells on the lining of that gut that helps keep them together.

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So if you have good vagus activity the epithelium or the lining of that gut is tight and none of the undigested food is allowed to be hpv throat quest diagnostics into our bloodstream, which is really important. Matthew: Yes, I remember reading a paper that was talking about if there is damage to vagal function that you lose your gut lining very quickly, is that correct.

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Carlo: Yeah, it is. Some of the research that has been produced recently has linked poor vagus nerve activity with leaky gut syndrome, with irritable bowel syndrome, with chronic hpv throat quest diagnostics bowel disease and there are many people out there that unfortunately suffer from these condition and I am pretty confident they are not getting a brain based approach a vagal nerve approach to help in the gut hpv mouth diagnosis. They are attending to hpv throat quest diagnostics by getting some herbs or some nutritional products for their gut, they may be seeing a gastroenterology to help repair whatever is going on inside.

I am not going to take away from the value of that but equally that may only be a symptom to the brain not working particularly well.

The talk that I gave to two hundred and fifty plus people I hope sparked that thought pattern that oh maybe I should look at the other component to my gut which the top down the brain based effects and then that could be a nice adjunct to what I am currently doing.

So I think that many people were pleased and took that away.

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Matthew: What you are saying is there are a number of conditions that can benefit from this. Carlo: What I would often say to people is it really depends on what your examination and your assessment findings are. So examinations or assessments that you could do to find whether or not your vagal tone is low or you have asymmetry in your autonomic nervous system. Unfortunately there is no blood tests I think at the moment, cortisol level which is a salivary test that can look at what one of your stress hormones and that relates to your sympathetic systems.

So hpv throat quest diagnostics if your sympathetic system is high, hpv virus juckreiz in the life that we lead, we tend to lead a hpv throat quest diagnostics sympathetic dominant state.

Symptoms and history are the hallmark of any assessment, so any skilled practitioner should be able to ascertain that they get a good sense of where you are at based upon detailed history and examination. But one of the, I guess the gold standard to determine autonomic dysfunction is heart rate variability where we are not just looking at your heart rate of 55 beats per minute but we are looking at the variability and most people will be quite surprised to hear the variability in your heart rate you can measure with an ECG machine or you can measure with a low cost, low tech device that you can put on your hpv throat quest diagnostics or as a chest strap and you can measure the variability in your heart rate.

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Like this is a good idea whether you are sympathetic or para-sympathetic dominant. Remember the vagus nerve is a by-product of the para-sympathetic nerves.

We also look at other autonomic nerve system signs like pupil size is another classic sign or an autonomic imbalance.

For instance with a sympathetic or a fight or flight state our pupils are typically large, when we are in a rest and digest state our pupils are typically low. So we may see that asymmetrically as well through the use of an ophthalmoscope.

We may look at the difference in size of the vein to artery size in the back of the retina.

hpv throat quest diagnostics

We can look at other measures of brain function that give us an idea of what control do they have on the brainstem. Matthew: Right, so when you are talking about putting together a protocol what sort of thing is involved in vagal stimulation, is it an electrical thing or do you do reflex stimulation or how does it hpv throat quest diagnostics Carlo: There is a three pronged attack for us, we first we look at the higher brain because the higher brain has a huge influence on the brainstem.

And our clinic doctor has been really favourable to helping people with a number of different conditions with this particular device. Carlo: Certainly, like anything else I think the success of what you do will always depend upon the accuracy of what you are trying to do. Matthew: Right, so when you are you looking at that what types of things hpv throat quest diagnostics you doing, is it things like gargling and so forth? Carlo: Definitely, I think gargling is actually one of the best vagus nerve exercises that you can do.

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Matthew: It makes you wonder then the people who are snorers and have sleep apnoea and so forth all to do with low muscle tone in the throat, has there been much research done of that aspect of it? We are just looking for subtleties in the presentation that may give you better hpv throat quest diagnostics results but in theory it makes sense, it makes sense that when someone sleeps they have poor throat tone which is vagus nerve and as a result their voice box and their throat you can get that sound that occurs as air passes through, the turbulence can be heard of as gaggling or very throaty sound or even a snoring.

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So I have not seen any data on it, I would be curious to follow that up but in theory it does make sense. Carlo: So what I have discussed so far is probably more than input into the brainstem and down into the rest of human papillomavirus infection while pregnant body but equally understand that there is never a one single direction path, it always goes different directions.

So once we stimulate the brainstem through the vagal nerve stimulation or during our exercises you will always have an upward effect to the rest hpv throat quest diagnostics the brain. So what we find is those that have fear, anxiety and even depression and the research has shown this, and I can talk about that in a moment, that if we can stimulate the vagus nerve it has been shown to hpv throat quest diagnostics help alleviate a lot of the symptoms that are associated with some hpv throat quest diagnostics these conditions.

It allows us in our office to provide additional care or adjunctive care to help with some of their other concerns.

The virus can be passed from one person to another through some sexual practices, and through water in swimming pools that do not have enough chlorine in them. As with many other illnesses, good handwashing is one way to lessen the spread of adenoviruses from one person to another. Cytomegalovirus CMV - Herpes 5 shed in most bodily fuids, including saliva, not only sexually. Transmission of HCMV occurs from person to person through bodily fluids.

So whilst I am certainly not saying this is going to cure their depression or their anxiety it certainly gives us a platform to be able to give better leverage in providing a care hpv throat quest diagnostics other parts of the body but the research is also saying that it may actually have more of a direct effect and what I see in my office as well.

Carlo: Our office we are certainly taking and seeing patients with these sorts of conditions or symptoms of these conditions and they include children, adults and we always start with a comprehensive examination on where and what the problem is and we feel that the best person or at least part of the team that can help them we certainly make that recommendation. If we feel that the condition is best assessed by someone else then we also make that call.

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I think initially vagal nerve stimulation was shown to be very effective with people with seizures and help reduce the intensity or frequency of seizures and that has been well documented for some years, depression, chronic pain, inflammatory disorders like the subtleties disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Its effect is becoming more substantiated in research and in clinically in our office we are seeing it more and more. Hpv throat quest diagnostics I think almost no matter what condition someone presents to our office with is something that we certainly look at and it might well be part of the program of care.