Hoe loop je hpv virus op,

hoe loop je hpv virus op

BMC Cancer ; 19 1 :Oct Here we performed small RNA sequencing sRNA-seq of tissue, serum and serum exosomes to investigate changes in miRNA expression between the different sample types and correlated the expression with clinical parameters. We also performed gene hpv nedir eeg arrays on tumor and normal tissue.

hoe loop je hpv virus op

RESULTS: Paired tissue, serum and serum exosomes sequencing revealed consistent positive correlation of miR between serum exosomes and tumor tissue, indicating that miR could be exported from tissue to circulation via exosomes.

We found that let-7 miRNAs are generally upregulated in serum exosomes compared to whole serum, indicating that these miRNAs could be preferentially loaded into exosomes.

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When correlating miRNA expression with clinical parameters we detected significant association between hepatitis B virus HBV infection and miR in serum as well as several serum and tissue-miRNAs that correlated with surgery type. We found that miR and miR correlated with cirrhosis in tumor tissue and normal tissue, respectively. Finally, high expression of miR in tumors were associated with poor survival.

Stratulat, Ala Curteanu Alimentaia enteral a copilului prematur P. Stratulat, Larisa Crivceanschi, Dorina Rotaru

Focusing on gene expression we found several significant hoe loop je hpv virus op RNAs mRNAs between tumor and normal tissue and a Gene Ontology GO analysis revealed that these changes were mainly related to cell cycle and metabolism.

Finally, GO analysis of predicted targets for miRNAs down-regulated in tumor found that these were enriched for functions related to collagen synthesis.

Our results further indicate a correlation in miRNA expression between exosomes, serum, and tissue samples suggesting export from tumors via exosomes. This correlation could provide a basis for a more tumor-specific miRNA profile in serum.

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